Rutland County Netball League was formed in October 2011 to offer friendly and competitive netball to women in Rutland and the surrounding areas.  RCNL is now a multi-award winning league, supported by a passionate team of Rutlanders who are determined to continue building on what we've started - something the ladies of Rutland can all be proud of and passionate about.


Through our BACK TO NETBALL training sessions we are bringing women back to sport and exercise. We are dedicated to helping women to experience the positive aspects of sport - the health benefits, the social benefits and the fun of learning a new sport, or revisiting an old one!


We've summarised what we're about using the 5 Ws!




RCNL is for women just like you!  We know that getting involved in sport can be intimidating - you're probably wondering if we're all tall and lean and super sporty; people who run 20 miles a week and who don't eat carbs after 6pm.  Are we like that?  NO.  Netball players come in all shapes and sizes and all ages - from students to grandmas.  The first thing new players always say... "I haven't played for 20 years!"  No matter - within weeks you'll have a brand new set of friends, and will be an expert in the finer points of footwork, contact and obstruction.  




Netball - remember that game you played at school?  Well, it's better as an adult.  It's fun, it's healthy, it's friendly and we think you'll suddenly find yourself with a brand new passion - give it a go.  


RCNL is a start-up league, so it's the perfect time to get involved.  We want to start some new teams to help build up our numbers, so come along and help us create something we can all be proud of.




Because we love netball, and we want to play on our doorstep.  We also know how much of a positive impact team sport can have - it can be truly life enhancing, for so many reasons, and we're really excited to be able to offer this to women who might otherwise not have the opportunity to participate.



Back to Netball training takes place on Monday evenings at 8pm at Catmose Sports Centre, Oakham.


League games are played on Thursday evenings betweem 7-9pm.




League games are played at the fantastic facilities at Catmose Sports Centre, Huntsmans Drive, Oakham.  


About RCNL