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Captain - Amber O’Berg

Vice Captain - Lizzie Beach



Amber O’Berg

Lizzie Beach

Ann Bond

Sami Kettle

Hannah Barclay

Sam Rogers

Angela Rogers

Sarah Beach

Jenn Thompson

Charlie Boland




The Rutland Belles joined the league for the winter season of 2012 made up of ladies who had not played netball since school (some of us over 20 years ago!). Although team members have changed since we initially joined the league we all thoroughly enjoy the friendly yet competitive games that we play with other teams in the league. There is a real camaraderie between the Belles that makes us all look forward to Thursday nights, win or lose!


The umpiring standard has continued to grow in our league. Within our Rutland Belles team we are lucky enough to have 2 qualified C Grade England Netball Umpires which is fantastic! Gaining this qualification isn't any easy process and neither is the umpiring itself as it can be quite daunting at times but the Rutland League are extremely supportive of new umpires and helping individuals develop their skills.


Kat McKenna who is the umpiring secretary works closely with Jo Stephenson (previous Leicestershire County Umpiring Secretary) who mentors our new and current umpires.


Back in 2011 the captain of Rutland Belles, Amber O'Berg was lucky enough to be mentored by both Jo Stephenson and also her daughter Kate Stephenson. Kate herself is an international umpire who recently umpired at the 2018 Commonwealth Games that were held in Australia, can't get much better than that!


Our other umpire, Lizzie Beach (coached by Jo Stephenson) qualified earlier in 2018 and she is continuing to improve each time she blows that whistle!


We would all highly recommend anyone who may be interested in playing netball in giving it a go, it's fun, challenging but most of all you can make some great friends.



Sky blue and black


Amber O'Berg

[email protected]


Lizzie Beach



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